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Space Flights

Space Flights UK

Space Flights is your one stop travel resource for space travel on the new Virgin Galactic Spaceship. We will soon be bringing you information on how and where you can purchase tickets for your first space flight and information relating to all the Space Ports that are currently under construction around the globe.

The scotland space port is likely to be the choice for the UK spacestation where all space flights from the UK will depart from.

Price at the moment for space travel tickets are $20,000 for the first space flights to leave earth but of course these prices will drop after the maiden voyages have been done in 2013.

We will soon have full information on the details of the space flights and whats included in the space travel tickets price.

Update February 2013:- we shall be a launching a news letter shortly to keep you updated of events and the latest information on Space Travel, so come back soon to sign up for your copy.

We shall also be listing shortly alll the destinations that you will be able to travel to and from with Space Flights on the Virgin Galactic shuttle.

As the impending Space flight draws ever nearer keep your eyes and ears open here for the latest news on space travel from the UK Space Stations.

There are now official ticket offices open for buying tickets for flights on the virgin Galatic.

Space travel is no longer the future but the here and now.

Many test flights have now been done with Virgin Galactic and we are looking forward to its first passeneger maiden voyage very soon

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If you are ready to become an astronaut then you can make your booking for your Spece Flights here

As soon as the first flights are launcher we shall have more information about the Space ports and Stations that will be taking the Virgin Galactic Space ship and destinations you can fly to and from.

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